Meridian Points Therapy in Maui

Meridian Points Therapy in Maui

Chiropractic Maui HI Meridian Point Therapy

Meridian points therapy in Maui stimulates the body’s meridian points. This technique also includes acupressure massage and stretching.

This therapy’s goal is to restore balance and health to the body’s energy channels and stimulate endorphins or the body’s natural pain relievers. Meridian points therapy also improves circulation and reduces muscle tension.

Meridian Points in Maui

The body’s meridian points belong to six reflex zones that control the body’s vertebral segments. These reflex zones are:

  • Circulatory zone – controls the heart, veins, arteries, and capillaries involved in blood circulation
  • Digestive zone – controls all body parts concerned with digestion
  • Eliminative zone – controls the lungs, sinuses, nasal passages, urinary tract, small and large intestines, and the skin
  • Glandular zone – controls the body’s glands and their control over appetite, energy, reproduction, and other bodily functions
  • Muscular zone – controls the musculoskeletal system of the body, including ligaments and tendons
  • Nerve zone – controls all functions of the central nervous system

Pressure and stimulation of the meridian points in these six reflex zones have been part of chiropractic procedures for a long time with positive health effects.
For example, applying pressure in the eliminative zone helps a patient quickly recover from blocked sinuses.

Benefits of Meridian Points Therapy

Hawaii Holistic Health Network Chiropractic meridian points therapy does not use needles. It stimulates the meridian points without breaking the skin, so there is no reason for fear or concern over sanitation.

The therapy does not cause discomfort or pain. You will feel relaxed while we address the source of your pain or health concern.

Applying pressure on meridian points helps with the energy flow in your body, promoting improved health and well-being.

Chiropractic care and meridian points therapy complement in promoting the circulation of energy and blood through the spinal column.

Meridian points therapy also relaxes the muscles, which makes chiropractic adjustments more effective.


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