Chiropractic Testimonials

"When I basically crawled into Dr. Rocco's office, I have tried everything to fix my back. Fortunately, Dr. Rocco and Omayra truly care about their patients. THeir good energy, knowledge, and support work wonders. If you follow Dr. Rocco's program, you will improve. I am standing tall and walking. I highly recommend Hawaii Holistic Health Network."

- Anne C.

"I have been struggling with back and neck pain for over 20 years. After my first visit with Dr. Rocco, I realized his work is different. His adjustments are not what I've experienced before. His new and innovative techniques give me great relief. I have less pain and less headaches, thanks to Dr. Rocco. He really cares for his patients and will do everything he can to help someone feel better. THank you Dr. Rocco for giving me hope and taking care of my family."

- Cheyann K.

"For eight years I have gone through cancer treatment, 9 surgeries and live now with a colostomy & double nephrostomies. My body had stiffened up and needed a cane to walk around.

I was surprised that a chiropractor could help me. After my first treatment, after all these years, my head could turn right and left over my shoulders.

After my second treatment it no longer hurts to get out of chairs!

After all this time my hips don't hurt to walk & I don't shuffle my feet to walk. I can actually lift my feet to walk now."

- Glenn I.

"For many of years I have been having major body aches and pain. The pain has made it hard for me to work, rodeo, hunt, and maintain my active lifestyle until I have been blessed by Dr. Rocco and Mrs. Omayra Rocco with their knowledge and services. Dr. Mark Rocco is the BOMB. He is a good man whom makes you feel comfortable, happy, and likes to joke around. He is excellent at what he does as a chiropractor. I recommend him for all services provided.

Thank you Hawaii Holistic Health!"

- Wesley A.

"I have had lower and upper back issues for over 15 years. Dr. Rocco is only the 3rd chiropractor that I have work on me.

When I came to see the Dr. in November, I was in pretty bad shape. He explained to me what was going on with my body (posture). He said that it will be a work in progress but that he will get there.

It has been 3 months now and I can say that I feel 90% better. The other 10% is up to me. Thank you Dr. Rocco!"

- Dale K.

"Upon my arrival, I was in a lot of pain and became reliant on pain medication. After my first visit with Dr. Rocco, I was functioning at a normal rate. After each visit so far I have seen significant improvement in overall body movement and function. Although I am not 100% just yet, I wouldn't be where I'm at today without the help of Dr. Rocco."

- Blake F.

"I find Dr. Mark Rocco's chiropractic unique. He doesn't just "crack" your back and say "bye bye". He has his patients participate in their own treatment in his office with exercises before leaving. I am impressed by the progress I continue to make in freeing me of pain and growing flexibility! "

- Diane I.

"Since I've been seeing Dr. Mark Rocco over the past month, the sciatica pain going down my left leg has resolved. I looked forward to resolving other longstanding pain issues due to having an unstable spinal adjustment. I highly recommend Dr. Roco as a chiropractor who sincerely strives to bring healing to your body."

- Leilani A.

"Dr. Rocco and his staff have been very helpful and professional. Dr. Rocco listens to my concerns and provides clear and concise treatment strategies to help. Every experience I have had during scheduling and treatment has been excellent."

- Brook S.


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