Shoulder Sprain in Maui

Shoulder Sprain in Maui

Chiropractic Maui HI Shoulder Sprain

If you've ever had a slip and fall where you landed on your shoulder or your arm was stretched out and you landed on it, Then after the shoulder continues to ache all the time. Traditionally people don't want to move it because it hurts. The shoulder may even feel unstable like your arm is going to fall off. Most people will go to a primary care doctor, hoping that the doctor can help them. Contact our Maui HI chiropractor today to find pain relief.

Common Treatments In Maui

The most common treatment given is Ibuprofen and a cortisone shot, Which only decreases the pain and inflammation, maybe for a couple of days if you're lucky. That treatment has done nothing to correct the injured, damaged tissues which are ligaments and muscles.

When you have a sprained shoulder, one or multiple ligaments will get stretched or torn and at the same time the muscles that stabilize the shoulder can have muscle tears in it. So, the best approach to start the healing process is going to be

  • Consistently reduce the inflammation to make the pain tolerable.
    Doing passive and active muscle stretching to maintain normal shoulder motion.
  • Soft tissue work to help relieve spasms in the shoulder area.
  • Joint realignments of the bones that have misaligned due to the injury and instability of the region.
  • Healing nutrition i.e. herbs, oils, vitamins, and minerals to reduce inflammation.

The biggest thing to remember is when you do not use a limb in the normal movement for a long period of time, you will lose the functioning of that limb. Painkillers and cortisone shots only mask the symptoms, they do not correct the problem. Don't guess about your health, get checked.


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