Sleep in Maui

Sleep in Maui

Chiropractic Maui HI Sleep

Poor quality sleep or waking up feeling like you had no sleep? There can be a lot of reasons for this. It could be as simple as having too much light from electronics, nightlights or outside light entering your room that doesn't allow your body to get into a deep state of REM'S sleep. To learn more, contact our Maui chiropractors today.

Do You Have A Good Bedtime Schedule In Maui?

Your bedtime schedule could be very poor or inconsistent. You could be using too many pillows, which strains your neck and spine, you could also have poor oxygen that requires a jaw guard or a sleep apnea machine. You could have restless sleep from being in pain or you could have restless legs related to stress hormone imbalances. You could have too many loud noises i.e. TV or music playing which does not allow your body to rest or poor air quality in your room that could cause breathing issues. There's many other factors that could be contributing to this chronic poor sleep pattern that you have. It's usually not one thing, it's multiple.

How To Improve My Sleep Habits

It would serve you best to get an exam, lab test or consultation so you're not guessing. But try this tip:

  • Sleeping with one pillow, if you're on your back is best, so your head and neck is not hyperflexed forward which could strain your neck and restrict your air supply.
  • If you're on your side, one pillow is best so your neck stays neutral, not too low or high
  • And, if you sleep on your stomach, NO pillow! Because that hyperextends the neck and spine keeping your body in a distressed state.

Get tested. Don't guess about your health.


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