Brain Fog in Maui

Brain Fog in Maui HI

Chiropractic Maui HI Brain Fog

Do you feel like you have brain fog? Like things are a little off and maybe not clear? Perhaps trouble with memory? Please do not think this because of your age, gender, genetics or your work. Those are always the big lies and beliefs. Lets give some clarity from our Maui HI chiropractor on how you can resolve this problem BEFORE it becomes a real problem.

3 Main Areas In Maui HI

  1. The first big cause is a misalignment/poor curvature in the neck - The result is pinch and compressed nerves altering oxygen and blood going to your brain keeping it in survival mode.
  2. Body burden due to toxicity levels which means an individual will have too much accumulation of chemicals, additives, preservatives, and dyes that have altered the function of their liver kidneys, and intestines. (This individual needs a detoxification protocol for a month.)
  3. The health state of your Gut which is considered the second brain.- The result of poor gut health is parasite infections, yeast infections, bacteria, poor absorption of food, and poor elimination of waste. (Treatment- eat fermented foods and eat probiotics with every meal.)


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