Sinus Problems are Digestion Problems in Maui

Sinus problems are digestion problems in Maui HI

Chiropractic Maui HI Allergies Sneeze

If you have sinus irritation, runny nose, sinus drainage and or watery eyes, we may think it's a case of allergies or infection, but we have to question if this is a common and recurring issue. We have to look at this differently and not what's wrong with the body, but what is right, and why the body is having these responses. Most commonly research has shown us that there is a direct link to the health of our small intestines and our sinuses. Your gut/ digestive tract could be considered your body's second brain with trillions of bacteria that help to regulate our bodies immune system, nutrient absorption, and inflammatory responses. So instead of going for an allergy pill, take some steps to correct your digestive health with four things: prebiotics, Probiotics, Post biotics, and detoxification of your digestive tract. If you get rid of old oil in your car why wouldn't you want to get rid of the old junk in your body.


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