Jaw Pain Temporomandibular Joint in the Jaw (TMJ) in Maui?

Jaw Pain Temporomandibular joint in the jaw (TMJ) in Maui

Chiropractic Maui HI Woman With Jaw Pain

Have you ever gone to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned but afterwards your jaw hurts? Maybe you get mad at the dentist but it's not really his fault. Maybe you had a car accident that has some whiplash and don't understand why. But now your jaw hurts and eating hurts and you don't know what to do. Have you ever had problems eating and chewing where you feel like you're restricted to chewing on one side of your mouth because the other side hurts too much? Maybe you have some chronic, annoying headaches that are Always on the same side of your head and face but you don't know where they come from? Maybe you have ear aches or pain around the side of your ears that's annoying or achey. Do you ever feel like you wake up in the morning and your jaw is sore but you don't know why. Do you ever try to yawn and it hurts your jaw and you don't feel like you did anything abnormal? All of the above questions relate to common signs and symptoms of TMJ injury/dysfunction. Contact our Maui chiropractors today to learn more.

What is TMJ in Maui?

The TMJ is the joint that connects your lower jaw bone to your face/skull. It is the only floating joint in our body. This means that a lot of activities or accidents can affect how it moves and functions. This means if your neck is injured from a fall or car accident or holding your cell phone to your shoulder for too long, this affects the position of your head. When your head gets misaligned, then your jaw will be misaligned. If you have a home or woke environment that is stressful and you do not have proper stress outlets, because energy/stress will take the path of least resistance, the stress energy will go to your jaw. Unfortunately, we cannot correct our jaw if it gets misaligned by ourselves. massaging it or resting it will not make it go away. The joint has to get realigned, muscle spasms corrected, and the majority of people have to get the neck, head, and jaw aligned, to get everything to work together as an integrated system. Don't Guess on your health, get checked.


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