Numbness and Tingling in Maui?

numbness and tingling in Maui?

Chiropractic Maui HI Lady Exhausted

Do you ever feel numbness and tingling? A metallic taste in your mouth, or feeling tired all day. This is frustrating. No matter what you do, none of these issues change. If you go to your doctor or do labs, they say you're healthy. Your doctor may say that you're just stressed in life. You may have tried supplements, relaxing, sleeping extra but nothing changes. There may be a hidden problem in the body. Heavy metals can be consumed in foods that come in a can, body hygiene products, house cleaning products, fertilizers, which in time build up in our system and directly affect the functioning of our nervous system and organs. An example of this is that reachers see a thousand percent more lead in us now than 100 years ago, That's a lot! One of the best courses of action is going to be to detox the body. You can use herbs such as cilantro and oregano. You can also use sea vegetables, like kelp, spirulina and chlorella. Additionally, you could use mineral clays like Redmond's clay to assist in pulling out these heavy metals. All of these are good suggestions, the best path though, get checked, don't guess on your health.


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