Trivia Question in Maui

Trivia Question in Maui?

Chiropractic Maui HI Trivia Question

Trivia Question from our Maui Chiropractor:
What's one small part that could cause you to have severe neurological problems, coughing problems, Breathing problems, Bending and lifting problems, sleeping problems? It may mimic heart pain or mimic muscle/chest pain. Stretching doesn't fix it, sleeping doesn't fix it. Any Guesses?

One Small Part In Maui

If you go to a cardiologist or a family doctor, they commonly say that there is nothing wrong but they lack the tests to find out what's wrong. They test your heart and find no problems. They test your blood and there's also seemingly nothing wrong. What do you think it is? Eventually, people begin to think they're crazy. However, the main problem is usually a misaligned rib that they never get checked. Amazingly, chiropractors are trained to examine, find and correct this problem all in one day! Don't guess, Get tested on your health.


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